MyCal+(plus) - Developed for the Scale Industry.

We proudly offer our advanced, multi-role calibration certificate system, compliant with NIST and ISO 17025 standards. Our software reduces paperwork and costs, scales from one operator to large companies, and operates 24/7/365 online - even offline. Proven effective, with over seven years in development and five in production.

  • Advanced features: Dashboard for managing jobs, Statistics (top tech, top customers, top-selling items), Auto Schedulers or preventive maintenance (scale, contracts, standards, metrology), Brady M211 Printer Integration, Quick Books integration and more...

  • Multi-role ability: Access for Company and its location(s) for - Manager, Technician, TechManager, QA.., Customer and its location(s) for - Accounting, QA ..

  • Certificate: NIST traceable and ISO 17025. Now complex ISO calculations are automated - you are welcome.

  • System: cool features like - standards, library, tasks, QR scanner, backup and much more under the hood

  • Security: SSL, Authentification, Authorization, Data Access Object on DB level, penetration tested.

Our goal was to create a single program that handles everything a calibration company needs, aside from accounting (for which we offer integration). MyCalPlus is here to stay, constantly updated, and actively utilized for over 5+ years. We continue to generate new releases and extensions to further streamline and enhance the operations of calibration companies

Interested in trying before buying? Just contact us, and we’ll gladly provide access to a demo account.

Android is currently supported, with an iOS app coming soon. Our mobile platform mirrors the server-side functionality, including offline capabilities, ensuring smooth operation in any conditions.

In the near future, we plan to release an iOS and mobile-friendly version. You can currently download the Android app from Google Play for free, without any ads.

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